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How to install a new payment method in my shop?
How to install a new payment method in my shop?

Do you want to offer one or more of our payment methods on your store? Learn in this very short article how to get started.

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First, thank you for your interest in our payment methods and for your trust in our services 🙏

Installing our payment methods in your Shopify or WIX store is very easy and always starts with our Selfservice Platform.

Selfservice Platform for
Shopify merchants

Selfservice Platform for
WIX merchants

If you don't have an account, your first action needs to be registering for an account :)

Once you have your account one our selfservice platform, you can just add a new Store, select your desired payment method and then get guided by the platform through the whole registration & installation process.

This can be very easy and fast - like for TWINT - or take a few more steps and days - like for Credit Card payments. But don't worry, we got you covered and accompany you throughout the whole process; With our platform, automated messages but of course also with personal support should you require any help.

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