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Payment App Pricing
Payment App Pricing

Explore's payment app pricing for Shopify & WiX, with detailed costs for multi-store accounts. Transparent and value-driven fees.

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Navigating the e-commerce world can be intricate, especially when it comes to understanding the costs associated with various payment apps. At, our commitment is to bring clarity and transparency to this area, and this article aims to break down the pricing for our available payment apps for both Shopify and WiX E-Commerce platforms.

Payment Apps for Shopify:

Our diverse range of payment solutions for Shopify ensures merchants have access to the most convenient payment methods for their customers. Here are our offerings:

  1. TWINT: 120 CHF excl. VAT per year

  2. PowerPay (Buy now pay later): 300 CHF excl. VAT per year

  3. Postfinance: 120 CHF excl. VAT per year

  4. Datatrans Credit Cards: 150 CHF excl. VAT per year

Payment Apps for WiX:

For merchants utilizing the WiX platform, we currently offer:

  1. TWINT: 120 CHF excl. VAT per year

The Pricing Structure:

Every subscription to our payment apps comes with two costs:

  1. Yearly Subscription Fee: This is the upfront cost associated with the chosen payment app. It is charged per shop on an annual basis.

  2. Platform Fee: On top of the subscription, there's a platform fee of 0.3% of the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) made with the respective payment app. This fee is billed on the 1st day of every month. Importantly, the billed period will always be specified on the bill to ensure clarity.

Additional Charges by Acquirers:

It's important to note that while our service fees are comprehensive of the offerings mentioned, acquirers may introduce additional costs. These charges are separate and are not billed through TFTW. Acquirers will always bill merchants directly for any additional fees, so it's essential to maintain open communication with your acquirer and be informed of any extra charges.

For payment apps related to Datatrans, we charge an additional fee of 0.18 CHF per authorization. This added cost is due to external factors and is essential for merchants to consider when integrating these specific services.

Pricing Breakdown for Multi-Store Accounts:

Let's dive into an example for more clarity. Imagine you have one account with two Shopify stores. The first store uses TWINT and Datatrans Credit Cards, while the second store uses only TWINT.

Yearly Subscription Costs:

  • Store 1: TWINT (120 CHF) + Datatrans Credit Cards (150 CHF) = 270 CHF

  • Store 2: TWINT (120 CHF) = 120 CHF

Total: 390 CHF excl. VAT per year for both stores

Platform Fee:

Assuming both stores make combined sales worth 10’000 CHF in a month through these apps, your platform fee for that month would be:

0.3% of 10,000 CHF = 30 CHF.

In this scenario, with two distinct Shopify stores under one account, your yearly cost would be 390 CHF excl. VAT plus the monthly platform fees based on your total sales.

In Conclusion:

Our pricing model at is crafted to ensure transparency, offering utmost value to every merchant, regardless of the number of stores or payment apps in use. For additional queries or a custom pricing breakdown, our dedicated support team is always here to assist.

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