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Credit cards via Datatrans
Datatrans Credit Cards - Launch offer price details
Datatrans Credit Cards - Launch offer price details

Learn all the details about the pricing of our attractive launch offer for Credit Card payments with Shopify

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Together with our partners Datatrans and Clearhaus we've negotiated very attractive launch terms to celebrate our new Credit Card payment solution for Shopify (finally πŸ™Œ).

The new payment method in combination with our launch offer allows you to accept payments with Visa uns Mastercard (credit + debit).

The launch offer

While our permanent offer will also be attractive, the launch offer is especially interesting. If you decide before September 3rd, you'll get the following conditions forever:

  • 1.3% credit card fees* (instead of 1.4%)

  • Fr. 0.18 per authorization** (instead of Fr. 0.29)

Additionally, we will collect a platform fee of 0.3% of your GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) - as we do with all our payment methods.

How attractive is the launch offer?

If we compare it to Stripe - the most popular credit card payment solution on Shopify - this is how it calculates:

Base assumptions:

Monthly transactions

Average order value

Monthly turnover

Yearly transactions

Yearly turnover


Fr. 60.00

Fr. 12’000.00


Fr. 144’000.00


% of GMV

Fixed per transaction

Yearly fee

Total cost per year



Fr. 0.30

Fr. 4’176.00

Fr. 720.00

Fr. 0.00

Fr. 4’896.00


1.3% + 0.3%

Fr. 0.16

Fr. 2’304.00

Fr. 432.00

Fr. 150.00

Fr. 2’886.00

Savings per year

Fr. 2’010.00

Fee collection

The fees will be collected as follows:

  • Credit card fees will be directly deducted from your payout by Clearhaus

  • The plugin cost will be billed to the payment method you configured in your TFTW selfservice portal once a year

  • The authorization fees as well as the platform fees will be billed to the payment method you confgured in your TFTW selfservice portal once a month based on your usage

Already got acquiring contracts?

No problem! If you already have acquiring contracts you can also use these to process credit card payments (and you can add more credit cards than just Visa and Master). Just ask the Datatrans support to implement your existing contract instead of going with a new acquiring contract with Clearhaus.


* See full details here: Clearhaus launch offer

** The fee applies for every authorization - this includes declined authorizations, cancelled payments and refunds

Price are shown excl. tax

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