Shopify recently relaunched their payments platform. Old integrations will stop working by end of July 2022. We already updated our systems to support this new platform and all it needs from your side is to go trough a quick migration process for the payment methods you have installed in your shop. Don't worry it won't take longer than 5 minutes.

We prepared everything for you in advance, you only have to follow these three easy steps to complete the migration process:

  1. Click on the following link below and enter your credentials as usual to login.

  2. Add a method of payment (follow the red highlight). We accept TWINT or any common credit card suppliers.

  3. Click on the button “Start migration” for every shop that requires the new modification. (💡Click here to see the step by step manual)

Log in to the administration interface now and start migration


Are the methods of payment deactivated during the migration process?
No, your customers should be able to continue their payments as usual, if you follow our instructions.

What changes with the payment methods after the migration?
In the forefront, basically nothing but in the background almost everything 😊 Shopify entirely reworked their interface to some methods of payment. This is why we also had to modify and adapt our Plugins. We used this opportunity to improve our interface, so we can offer an even faster and more reliable service.

Have the new payment methods been tested sufficiently?
Yes, we have hundreds of clients who have been working on the architecture.

Why am I unable to pay my yearly and monthly fee "by invoice" anymore?
During all the adaptations we decided we wanted to simplify the process for everyone. By registering with TWINT or Credit Card, the payment topic is resolved by annual (plugin) and monthly (transaction fees) automated invoicing.

What will happen if I do not perform the migration?
All old payment methods (that were not migrated) will be deactivated by 31.07.2022 and will be automatically removed by Shopify from your shops. Your subscription with us will automatically be discontinued in this case.

What happens with refunds for payments which have originally been processed by the old payment method?
These will continue to be processed.


There have been some changes in the PowerPay / MF Group / Pay by Invoice payment app. Please read the changes to the end and inform your team about the changes.

What has changed for you?
Any orders that are received with the payment method PowerPay / MF Group / Pay by Invoice are now directly marked as "Paid". By default, the invoice will be sent to your customers with a 5 day delay after the order is received. We have also adjusted the process for refunds and cancellations.

How do I create a refund?
With the new connection, you can now create refunds before the order is shipped. Refunds now works like any other payment method in Shopify.

How do I cancel an order?
As with the new refund process, you can now create a cancellation before shipping. Cancelling an order now works like any other payment method in Shopify.

How can I change the invoice shipping delay?
You can easily set this in your TFTW administration. Log in to your account, click on "Details" in your PowerPay Shop and change the value "Accounting delay". You can change the value from 1 day to 10 days. Here is a screenshot of the option in your TFTW account.

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