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Credit cards via Datatrans
An introduction to Credit Card payments for Shopify (via Datatrans)
An introduction to Credit Card payments for Shopify (via Datatrans)

Credit card payments are slightly more complex from a setup point of view. But don't worry! In this article we'll explain everything.

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Credit card payments are a bit more complex than other payment methods and the initial setup requires some additional steps. But don't worry! We have prepared detailed step-by-step guidelines for all necessary parts.

How do credit card payments work?

First, we need to quickly understand how credit card payments are processed - especially in the Shopify context:

In order to process payments with Shopify there is a need for a Payment Gateway. In our case that would be the "Credit cards via Datatrans" app. Its job is to connect Shopify to a payment service provider.

A payment service provider's (PSP) job - in our case that would be Datatrans - is to connect acquirers/payment processors with merchants. There are cases where the PSP is also the acquirer (TWINT, Stripe) and there are cases where the PSP is just a service provider and - like in the case of Datatrans - allowing easier access to multiple acquirers.

Acquirers are the actual payment processors and - well - process payments directly with big payment companies like VISA, Master, etc..

There are many acquirers and the cool thing about our solution is that since we work together with Datatrans, you are mostly free which acquirer you want to use.

  • Don't have any contract yet? Don't worry - we got you covered and we pre-negotiated interesting conditions with our preferred partner Clearhaus.

  • Already have acquiring contracts? Cool - You can let us know during setup and Datatrans will connect your acquiring account for you

What do I need and need to do in order to accept credit card payments with Shopify?

As said above, it's a bit more complex than just one registration. But don't worry, we'll guide you through everything.

In a nutshell, you need this:

  1. You need an account with us (TFTW)

    The payment gatway. This is necessary, to install your payment method in Shopify and manage all high level details.

  2. You need an account with Datatrans
    The payment service provider. We will connect to Datatrans to process the payments. Datatrans will handle all the things in the background with the acquirer.

  3. You need an acquiring contract
    The acquirer. The acquirer is actually processing the payments (e.g with VISA or Master)

Once you have these account you'll need to connect them with each other.

  1. You need to configure the payment gateway in our TFTW selfservice portal with the credentials you get from Datatrans

  2. You need to let Datatrans know about your credentials with the acquirer (so they can connect the accounts)

That's basically it :) We've put together a complete step-by-step guideline for your which will walk you through the whole process. Please find it here:

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