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Credit cards via Datatrans
Datatrans Credit Cards: Step by step manual
Datatrans Credit Cards: Step by step manual
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In this manual you will learn how to:

Install Datatrans Payment App in Shopify and submit your application for a new contract to Datatrans

  1. Create an account on and login.

  2. Add a new store as shown on this screenshot.

  3. Select Datatrans Credit Cards as payment method.

  4. Your will now be redirected to the Shopify app store.

  5. Please click the button to add the app to your store.

  6. You will now be redirected to your Shopify admin.

  7. Please click the "Install app" button.

  8. You will now be redirected to your TFTW account.

  9. If you dont have a Datatrans account yet, please click on "No".

  10. Please add all your relevant details to the Form. This Form will be sent to Datatrans to create your account. As soon you have done this please:
    (1.) Select that you would like to accept VISA & Mastercard
    (2.) Add your preferred Credit Card acquirer. If you don't have any acquirer yet, we recommend to chose Clearhaus. We have been able to negotiate some very special deal with Clearhaus.
    (3.) Accept the yearly subscription and our terms & conditions.
    (4.) Save your application.

  11. Your application has now been sent to Datatrans!

Signup with Clearhaus to accept VISA & Mastercard

  1. To accept credit cards you need to signup with Clearhaus or any other credit card acquirer. If you signup with Clearhaus make sure to use this LINK or the Button on your confirmation screen.

  2. You will now be redirected to

  3. Select the "SIGN UP" button at the bottom of the page.

  4. Create your account on

  5. Confirm your email address on the email which you received by clearhaus.

  6. Continue by logging in to your account.

  7. Please fill out all needed information about yourself and your company.

  8. Submit your application to Clearhaus.

  9. Please sign all relevant documents and submit them to Clearhaus.

  10. Clearhaus will contact you as soon your account is ready and LIVE. This will take 1-3 days!

  11. As soon your Clearhaus account will be set to LIVE, Clearhaus will inform Datatrans about it. Datatrans will then send you your Datatrans account details, this might take 5-7 days!

Connect your Datatrans account to Shopify

  1. As soon your Datatrans account will be setup you will be able to login using the credentials which you will get from Datatrans. Please login to

  2. Click on "Change Merchant"

  3. Select your merchant account (1.) and click on "Select" (2.)

  4. From the UPP Administration tab (1.) and "Security" sub-tab (2.) note your Username (3.) and Password (4.)

  5. On the same screen, please click on "Security signature"

  6. Please select the option "Important parameters will be digitally signed (HMAC-SHA256) and sent with payment messages" (1.) and "Generate new key" (2.)

  7. Please note your Key which has been generated (1.) and click on "Update" (2.)

  8. You should now have following Details:

    1. Datatrans Username

    2. Datatrans Password

    3. Datatrans Key

  9. Please return to your account and login.

  10. Select the store you have already registered while you created your Datatrans account in the very first step of this manual.

  11. Add your Datatrans details which you just got from Step 4 to 7.

  12. Accept the price and our terms & conditions

  13. Click on "Pay & activate in Shopify"

  14. Follow the instructions on screen to finish the activation process.

  15. You are now done! You can now accept VISA and Mastercard in your Shopify Store! Congrats! 🥳

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