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Credit cards via Datatrans
FAQ about Credit Cards via Datatrans
FAQ about Credit Cards via Datatrans
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Our brand new payment method "Credit Cards via Datatrans" may raise some questions. We will try to answer the most frequently asked ones in this article.

💡Please note: This article is work in progress and will be updated frequently.

Can I also use an existing acquiring contact or do I have to get a new contract with your recommended provider "Clearhaus"?

You can absolutely use your existing acquirer. Thanks to our partner Datatrans we support a variety of acquirers. During setup our selfservice platform will ask you for more details so that Datatrans can setup your account accordingly.

If you already installed our service and want to switch from Clearhaus to another acquirer please contact Datatrans to make this change.

Does this payment method support Subscriptions with Shopify?

No, unfortunately not. Shopify has not (yet) opened their Subscription technology to 3rd party payment gateways. If you want to use Subscriptions, you will need to use Stripe or Paypal.

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