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Shopify Payments vs. Shopify Payment Apps
Shopify Payments vs. Shopify Payment Apps

Shopify offers 'Shopify Payments' & 'Payment Apps'. TFTW's Apps provide unique options like TWINT, enhancing customer payment choices.

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Shopify offers merchants two primary payment categories: "Shopify Payments" and "Payment Apps". With our "Payment Apps", merchants benefit from key advantages, allowing them to offer a broader spectrum of payment options.

Shopify Payment Apps:

  • Unique Payment Options: Thanks to our "Payment Apps", merchants can integrate payment methods such as TWINT, PowerPay, and others that are not available through the standard Shopify process.

  • Display Moment: These specialized payment options are presented during the checkout process after the customer has entered their address and selected a shipping method. This ensures that customers experience a clear and organized checkout.

Express Checkout Limitation: At the moment, our "Payment Apps" cannot be added to the "Express Checkout" of Shopify.

Shopify Payments (Express Checkout):

  • Fast Checkout: They are visible in the first step of checkout and allow for a swift purchase conclusion.

The Benefits of Our Payment Apps: With our solutions, merchants extend their payment options range and enable their customers to benefit from exclusive and locally preferred payment methods. This makes online shopping more accessible to a broader customer base. It's not just about payment processing but also an opportunity to enrich the customer experience and increase the conversion rate.

While Shopify's "Express Checkout" can be advantageous for some merchants, it's the diverse and unique payment possibilities that truly make a shop accessible to everyone. And that's precisely what we offer with our "Payment Apps"!

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