With the newest version of the Swiss Post Label Printer App we support the fulfillment via parcel as well as the fulfillment via letters. Depending on which service(s) you want to use, you need different logins from Swiss Post.

Please note that you can send as parcel, as letter, or use both services and configure inside the app which orders get fulfilled via what method.


For fulfillment as parcel you need to have a "Digital Commerce API" login. It's a specific Customer ID as well as Customer Secret that you get once you register for this login. If you do not have this yet, don't worry, it's free and easy to request via this link:

Request a Digital Commerce API account here


In order to fulfill orders as letters you need to have a Webstamp account. It's a specific Customer ID as well as a Password. Please follow our Webstamp Guide in order to get a Webstamp Login + the needed password.

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