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How do I setup my TWINT account correctly?
How do I setup my TWINT account correctly?
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First of all, you need a TWINT business customer account. If you don't have one yet, please create an account here.

Do you have an account? Great, then you can start with the configuration!

  1. Log in to the TWINT Dashboard:

  2. Choose that you want to integrate TWINT in an online store.

  3. Enter all necessary information and click continue.

  4. Select "Shop-Plugin" and then - important! ->

    a) for Shopify Shops "Shopify Plugin by TFTW".

    b) for WiX Shops "WiX Plugin by TFTW".

  5. Fill in the rest of the info and click next.

  6. Check all your entries and then click on "Submit order".

  7. Now you can add your store in your TFTW Account and install TWINT directly from there.

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