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TWINT - WiX install step by step manual
TWINT - WiX install step by step manual

This guide explains how to install the TWINT gateway in your WiX store.

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  1. Create an account on and login.

  2. Add a new store as shown on this screenshot.

  3. 1. Add the name of the store
    2. Add the URL of your store (for example
    3. Add your TWINT UUID (click here if you don't know your TWINT UUID or click here if you don't have a merchant account with TWINT yet)
    4. Accept the terms and conditions & the pricing
    5. Click on "Create shop"

    1. If this is your first Store you add you will now be asked to choose how you would like to pay the yearly Plugin price and the 0.3% commission. Please select your preferred payment method.

    1. If this isn't the first store or if you already added a payment type to your TFTW Account the account will be charged.

  4. After the payment was sucessfull you should see the confirmation including your
    TFTW Key and TFTW Secret.

  5. Click "Activate TWINT in WiX"

  6. You will now be redirected to your WiX Admin.

  7. Please login to your admin and select the store to install TWINT to.

  8. Click on "Settings" (1.) and then on Accept payments (2.

  9. Click on "See More Payment Options"

  10. Scroll to "TWINT" and click on "Connect"

  11. Copy your TFTW Key from and TFTW Key (from step 4) and add them to WiX (1.). After you added the details click on "Connect".

  12. Done! Your store can now accept TWINT Payments from your customers.

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